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    18.11.2010 - Legion Tank Erg - Jailed!

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    18.11.2010 - Legion Tank Erg - Jailed! Empty 18.11.2010 - Legion Tank Erg - Jailed!

    Post by Alendris Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:57 am

    Yeah sadly Toasty decided that entering Krotan without a Key when the key is IMPOSSIBLE to get is a good reason to jail our Legion tank and his group PERMANENTLY!

    In other words - the small instance in which you can get Dragon Deity items at best is punished with Perma Jail, while Dark Poeta in which you can get Tahabata items gets you only 30min of jail.

    When i found out i went to the IRC channel of the server looking for an explanation, where i was banned for saying that this is stupid.
    Then we went to the forums, where the first Thread was deleted directly - so people cannot read it, and the second one was simply graveyarded.

    Toasty claimed that he had warned about taking a look and noone reacted, but that's simply a lie since i was online at that time and he warned AFTER he jailed them.

    Once again the Staff has shown that they have no respect for the players, not regards for the hours of work put into their characters and simply don't give a fuck even for the ones who make sure there is food on their table(donators).

    So yeah thank you for jailing another fair player for a minor thing, while the hackers roam free.

    PS. We will keep trying to get you out Erg, just as the others who were jailed unfairly.
    PPS. Thank you Zarra for writing a third topic on the matter and supporting the just cause!

    Names of the other four players: Ashleynicole (Chanter), Forsaked (Assassin), Artemonz (Mage), Blesser (Cleric).

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