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    Lordhood - Sorc Lv 55 whant to join


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    Lordhood - Sorc Lv 55 whant to join Empty Lordhood - Sorc Lv 55 whant to join

    Post by 1nnovator47 Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:25 am

    Real Name:
    Sex: (yea would like some) MALE
    Coutry you are from: South Africa
    Speak English: YES
    Your Mother Tongue: Afrikaans

    Character Name: Lordhood
    Character Level: 55
    Character Sex: Male
    Character Class: Sorc
    Character Gear: full expert noble prolix set - magic acc +14, 1x deb earing, expert darkwater orb fused with elyos reninforced - magic boost +27

    Legion you are in(you were last in):LuckyStrike
    If you left or were kicked - why: Legion bean run by 17 year old girl with hormonal problems and psm, to many fckign prop and fights in legion.

    How often do you play Aion: 5-6 hours a day

    bean bt for 15 times and never got drop know all the ways when dealing with bosses when to hide and stuff

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