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    Jpjosh (Assassin)


    Jpjosh (Assassin)  Empty Jpjosh (Assassin)

    Post by Jpjosh Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:16 pm

    Real Name: Josh Pitt
    Sex: Male
    Coutry you are from: England
    Speak English: Of course Razz
    Your Mother Tongue: English

    Character Name: Jpjosh
    Character Level: 37
    Character Sex: Male
    Character Class: Assassin
    Character Gear: Armour :Sundrenched jerkin, Breeches, Vambrace, Shoulderguards, Elyos rank 5 boots (for speed Razz)
    Weapons : 2x Krom Daggers

    Legion you are in(you were last in): Serenity
    If you left or were kicked - why: Not enough active, Not enough rifting :/

    How often do you play Aion: 3-4 hous on average per day, (may vary)
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    Brigade General

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    Jpjosh (Assassin)  Empty Re: Jpjosh (Assassin)

    Post by Alendris Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:47 pm

    I would like to clear something out - we're not a low level twink legion. If you join us, we will be expecting you to level up to 55 and join us in our activities. However rifting is not something we do much of (since rifts are lvl50 max).

    I just wanna make sure we are the legion you are looking for. Would suck if you joined and felt unhappy after.

    So would that be ok for you?

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