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    27.02.2011 - Archangels' Third Revival Summary

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    27.02.2011 - Archangels' Third Revival Summary Empty 27.02.2011 - Archangels' Third Revival Summary

    Post by Alendris Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:15 pm

    Well, the Third Revival is a fact. We're here, we're few, but we're still alive.

    As you have all noticed all the players who kept saying things like "we must redo the legion" and "Nino, the legion will be made again, right? I will join!" turned out to be less gutsy as i expected. Scared of the leveling and harder difficulty they ran off to the fun server.

    Well i guess this is where the men get separated from the boys. As once before - this revival has worked as a filter for us. So much time, work and efford invested in some players proved to be fruitless so now we're getting some fresh blood.

    I'd like to say something to all the players who claimed "leveling will take forever" and "it will be impossible to level":

    I have a full time job and only play during the weekends at the moment. I am a level 50 sorcerer.

    Stig has a full time job, Stig is a level 50 Templar.

    Shaina has a full time job and is in fact a chick, she has a level 46 Chantress.

    So yes, as a matter of fact a chick has more balls than the guys who changed server...

    The irony is that the newest Centurions, turned out to be the most devoted ones.

    Just leaving you something to think about.

    Congratulations to Stiglitz, who became our new First Centurion.

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