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    Templar's mace

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    Templar's mace Empty Templar's mace

    Post by Stiglitzz Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:33 pm

    Drops/Quest Rewards

    Expeditionary Warhammer/Kurngalfberg Protector's Warhammer
    A nice starting mace for any templar willing to complete the Draupnir cave quests to get it.

    Indratu Elite's Warhammer
    The increased droprate after 2.1 might give you a chance to drop one of these while farming the Indratu Quests. Along with the Draupnir cave quest line, The indratu area is the preferable alternative to repeating Steel Rake over and over.

    Divine Dragon Mace
    Not sure if i should mention this one. Rewarded from a quest line that requires you to literaly farm Abyss fort instances in order to get 8 pieces (one from each fort) of a weapon. The quest requires lvl49 and around 11m Kinah to be completed. Also a small trip to Indratu Fortress. Weaponsmith Master NPC in Sanctum/Panda should give you the quest.

    Wealthy/Ebon Warhammer
    An abyss mace this one. 210k AP and around 21 Gold medals will get it for you. Keep in mind that this is not by any standards a "good" PvP (or otherwise) mace. It's simply easy to get, enchant and has attack speed. And that's about it.

    Triroan/Lanok Warhammer
    You will be doing Theo/Adma anyway so might as well put this one here. Extendability barely makes up for it's overall bad stats. Keep an eye out for the greatsword while you are in there. If you already own one of the aforementioned weapons this one is barely an upgrade.

    Alukina's Scepter
    A L44 extendable mace dropped by Queen Alukina. Asmo boss in Beluslan. With a 19% atkspd and nice Crit bonus, this is a viable weapon even for higher levels. To my knowledge drop rate is still low.

    Elyos/Asmo Reinforcer's Mace
    So you are level 51 without an attack speed weapon. Problem solved. Outremous for Elyos and Ipses (I think) for Asmo should give you a very brief quest that rewards these weapons. Meant for clerics in my opinion but still they are totaly free and you wouldnt want to miss them.

    Klawnickt's Warhammer
    Klawnickt is a named mob/boss in Ingison second area. It is accessible to Asmos (second area) but for obvious reasons Elyos are more probable to get it. Crit and HP as well as a nice 18% atkspd make this a average-to-good mace for starting a Mace/shield career. Cheap to enchant as well.

    Geffen's Warhammer
    Geffen is also a named mob in Ingison. Stragely enough it's as accessible to Asmos as it is to Elyos. It can be soloed by anyone and drops the mace very very often. Chance of 5-slot as well. The 19% atkspd and +80 critical strike make this a decent free mace for any templar. The mboost is just a plus for us. Every bit helps.

    Pacification Warhammer
    A world drop this one. ANY lvl55 mob can drop it. Very nice HP and good atk make this a nice hammer to buy.

    Guardian Tribunus Warhammer
    The PvP weapon of choice of many experienced templars. Nice stats and a 6% bonus in pvp dmg make it an excelent choice for anyone. Also the AP cost should not be considered high anymore.

    Crafted Weapons

    Noble Wise/Dark Dragon King's Mace
    Sky/Horned Dragon King's Mace
    Noble Sky/Horned Dragon King's Mace
    Sky/Horned Dragon Emmperor's Mace
    Noble Sky/Horned Dragon Emperor's Mace

    Balic craft is preaty much one way when it comes to templar maces. The L50 mace needs to proc to get atkspd. The Sky/Horned Dragon Series, although awesome should still be very expensive to craft in almost all servers. There are other maces that can be crafted that also have atkspd, but the rest of their stats are meant mainly for clerics. Start saving mats is the only advice i can give on this one.

    Scuma's Noble Mace
    Very hard for Asmos to get one of these. Both recipe and main crafting material drop from an Ingison second area named mob (Skuma Silvereye). An overall very nice mace but needs to proc to get atkspd, making it a bit hard to aquire.

    Chances are you will never have this

    The "shuchi"
    Technicaly it's still possible to get one. Head on to Jeiparan and do a repeatable quest 10 times to get a box that might or (probably) might not contain one of the Jeshuchi/Zapiel weapons. Asmos only need to repeat the quest 5 times.

    The "meno"
    Nights and nights wasted afk camping Menotios spawning area. Late night ally VS ally in Core for who gets to kill this one. Fun times.

    The "DDG"
    Get one of these by simply being lucky while farming the L50 boss in mid abyss forts. Last chest has a chance of dropping it. Small chance. Very small. Yes, very very small. Get one of these and you are done.


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    Templar's mace Empty Re: Templar's mace

    Post by Alendris Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:19 pm

    DDG kicks ass!

    And in our server the Skuma one seems pretty possible to get or even buy for an ok price.

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