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      Post by Alendris Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:29 pm

      People who are blacklisted for violation of our rules. Centurions - please don't re-invite without talking to me.

      Aryanutza - Bad behavior and insulting a fellow legion member.

      Dakotalady - Taking loot without being told to.

      Mirien - Left the legion after bitching about being the 2nd healer in a party (he seems to want to heal alone - no idea what his problem is).

      Yooo - Left the legion after taking a gold drop (15min later).

      Cedryk - Left the legion to follow Fram the traitor.

      Briseis - Left the legion to follow Fram the traitor.

      Fram - High Treason, he left the legion, pulled some of the members in his own one, wanted to delete our forum (which i effectively prevented), made a new forum for his new legion which is an exact copy of ours. Every fucking word in it is a copy of this forum. Even the Strategy guide and the Maps (with the "Archangels Instance Maps" logo). He has shown us all a new definition for "falling low".

      Sexybody - He has ninja looted , didnt help the legion in any way.

      Sicillia - Insulted the Brigade General.

      Smurfchooo - Insulted the Brigade General after getting an expensive skill book as a present.

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