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      --- Rules ---

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      --- Rules --- Empty --- Rules ---

      Post by Alendris Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:19 pm

      1. Common Rules

      I. Obey the Brigade General and the Centurions.
      II. Watch the legion chat when possible - we might need you and it's good to be able to help.
      III. Do not ask for items, speed scrolls, potions, etc. It's your job to come well prepared.

      2. Loot

      Looting priority is the following:
      I. Brigade General.
      II. Centurions.
      III. Older members. (MUST take screenshot after loot and upload if asked to)
      IV. Gold drops must always be screenshot and reported on the forum (Boss Loots Section)

      3. Raids

      I. Raiding with groups outside the legion is only ok if it's late during the night or at other times when we don't have people online to go with.
      Repeated violation of this rule will lead to being kicked from the legion.

      II. Never leave a group without a good reason. It doesn't matter if it's a PvP or PvE group.
      Good Reasons to leave a group: Something important in your real life came up.
      Bad Reasons: You are offended, angry, bored, etc.

      III. Important options and commands:
      Use the option "View Target's Target". This one is very important, especially for the healers.
      Use "Tab" for choosing hostile targets.
      Use the /checkentry to see how much cooldown you have left till you can enter the instance again.
      Use /select PlayerName if you dont have time to search for certain player and click on him/her. (for example: /select Alendris)

      4. Social Rules

      I. Blocking legion members is NOT allowed. We are a legion and even if there are problems, being able to communicate is a must.
      II. KS-ing legion members is NOT allowed. If you go and KS legion members - you will be kicked. We wanna be nice to each other.
      III. Insulting is NOT allowed. I understand if it happens during stress situations in instances or during pvp or even between friends as a joke, but try to keep it to a minimum. Violating this rule will lead to a warning.

      - Insulting a Centurion or the General is of course worse and might lead to a kick.

      5. Promotions

      I. Both Female and Male players can become Centurions. This rule has been changed.
      II. If a player has ever left the legion once - he cannot become a centurion.

      6. Leaving the Legion and joining again

      I. If you leave the legion for personal reasons you may be allowed to join again.
      II. If you are kicked from the legion you may be allowed to join again.
      III. Leaving the legion a second time will lower your chances of being invited again.
      IV. Rejoining the legion will cost the player a fine which can be money, scales, stones etc.

      7. Centurion Problems

      I. If a Centurion is unfair to you - turn to the General.
      II. Make sure to have a screen as proof for insults or other bad behavior.
      III. The Centurions and the General are also obligated to follow all these rules.

      8. Rolling for Loot --- Rules --- I_rating_star

      I. You may roll only once.
      II. Only the roll after the announcement will be considered (if you rolled before it counts as "0" and you may not roll again for this item).
      III. You may roll "Need" only for an item you WILL wear. Breaking for stones counts as greed roll.
      IV. You may only roll 100 - if you type /roll 101 or more/less - your roll is not valid and you might be punished for thinking you are funny.So only type /roll
      V. You may only roll if you took part in the fight. Being AFK/not there while the boss loses more than 25% of his HP makes you ineligible for the roll. In other words if you enter the fight when the bosses HP is 75% or below - you may not roll for the loot, unless the leader decides otherwise.

      Forum and Legion Language is English. Other languages will be tolerated but you must be able to speak and understand English.

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